HyperTerminal Private Beta Released

We had a fantastic response to our call for the private beta, and we ended up with a good list of beta users. We closed our private beta signup on Nov 15. We as a company decided to keep the number of beta testers fewer than most companies so that we can focus on them one-to-one and get their valuable feedback and improve the app.

Many companies signup as many private beta users as they could to show traction to potential investors but that approach backfires in many cases as most of the feedback is lost in the noise that is created by not so real beta users.

Using a beta software comes with some responsibilities. These responsibilities are not just towards ourselves as a user but also towards the company that offers the beta software. The whole reason to provide a beta working software is to be able to collect criticism and feedback to improve the software. Many times users don't understand this responsibility and assume that the software should work at its best, contrary to reality. Luckily we got an excellent set of beta users who are real traders, analysts, and user experience experts.

We are so grateful to our beta users that they have been sending us much-needed information about the working of the software out in the wild. We are continuously improving our software and will soon be ready to offer a public beta for a broader audience.

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