Private Beta Link Closed

HyperLinq team wants to thank you all who submitted private beta requests. Thank you for believing in us. When we opened the private beta link, we set a deadline for ourselves to close it down by Nov 15.

The reason we don't want to keep it open is that we only want a limited number of dedicated users to test the app. We want to have a small sample class in order to focus our efforts. We want to be able to dedicate time to these users to understand their needs and resolve issues quickly in order to make our product better.

Our private beta release will be sent to these first set of users in December 2018. Once we test with them and we see that the application is ready to be released to a wider audience we will open a public beta request link sometime in February. Our public beta release is currently scheduled for April 2018.

Send us an email if you have questions about our private or public beta.

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