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HyperLinq Inc.
Release Date: 15 May 2019
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Selected for MassChallenge Texas in Austin 2019 Accelerator HyperLinq joins MassChallenge's global network of startups.

New Jersey, USA: 15 May 2019 - Today, HyperLinq is selected to participate in the MassChallenge Texas in Austin 2019 accelerator program. HyperLinq was one of over 700 other startups to apply for the accelerator located in Austin, Texas.

"It is a proud moment for our team to participate in this prestigious program. Acceleration via MassChallenge will propel us into the growth phase, which is a dream for every startup.", said Amar Gautam, HyperLinq's Founder & CEO.

HyperLinq will participate in the MassChallenge Texas in Austin 2019 accelerator program, where it will receive access to MassChallenge's global network, world-class mentoring from industry experts, tailored programming, free co-working space, and unrivaled access to corporate partners. The accelerator culminates on October 2019 at the MassChallenge Texas in Austin Awards Ceremony, where selected startups will pitch for the opportunity to win a portion up to $500K in no-equity cash awards.

HyperLinq builds tools to aggregates global cryptocurrency markets to enable easier price discovery. Native desktop app HyperTerminal has powerful analysis tools, charts, indicators & studies, trading decisions had never been easier. Download and try out HyperTerminal.

HyperLinq is also building mobile applications of which HyperFolio is the first one to be announced. You can signup for a private beta invite at

HyperLinq started off strong with the idea of privacy and security. While connecting multiple crypto exchanges, most of the other tools store a user's API keys on the web servers. Since HyperLinq builds native apps, there is nothing on the server side.

It is a daunting task to connect to many exchanges with varied API specifications and data structures. HyperLinq offers HyperData, which is a unified API to connect to many exchanges using one endpoint. This will help individuals and institutions to build analytical tools, trading bots, and other associated systems.

Now that HyperLinq has a few products already out in the market, it is time to scale up. At MassChallenge, HyperLinq hopes to rediscover the go to market strategy and ramp up marketing & sales. The vast network that MassChallenge brings to the table would also help HyperLinq to develop tools for institutional investors.

Learn more about HyperLinq products at

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