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Russian Courts Can’t Agree on Whether Crypto Is Property - CoinDesk
A Russian court convicted two men for extortion, but did not force them to return around $1000,000 in cryptocurrency since they have no legal definition as property. Other courts have taken a different view.
Binance Gives Back: How The World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Is Using Blockchain For Covid Relief
Binance Charity launches a “fully transparent” giving campaign, facilitating more than $4 million donations to Covid-19 hotspots all over the world including China, India, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, and the United States.
Chances of Indian Crypto Ban Low Compared to 2019, Says Crypto Veteran
The CEO of CoinSwitch shares his insights about the possibility of a cryptocurrency blanket ban in India
Bitcoin As A Payment System — Crypto Cards And The Rocky Road They Travel
Crypto is making a case to be a payment system, through the use of cards, but it is not an easy path for companies trying to intergrate the two systems.
Expedia Partners With Crypto Service for Crypto Bookings
Expedia now allows its over 700,000 accommodations to be booked with cryptocurrency through crypto travel platform
Crypto Firm CEO Went Into Hiding After Claims 2,000 Investors Defrauded - CoinDesk
Willie Breedt, CEO of cryptocurrency investment firm VaultAge Solutions, has been officially declared bankrupt while on the run from angry investors.
Bitcoin Undo Button & Fleeing Firms: Bad Crypto News of the Week
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