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Binance-Backed Crypto Payments App Launches as Race for Africa Heats Up - CoinDesk
A Binance-backed crypto payments app, designed to provide feeless transactions across Africa, launches today with support for Nigeria’s naira.
Tether Printer Isn’t Pumping Up Crypto Prices, Researchers Find
New research suggests Tether Treasury is not pumping Bitcoin’s price, contrary to popular belief.
Tim Draper Firm Launches ‘Crypto Exchange’ Anyone Can Plug Into WordPress - CoinDesk
Tim Draper said his new crypto exchange plugin, built on WordPress, would mean that anyone, not just engineers, can become an exchange owner from today.
Crypto Industry Divided Over Introducing Circuit Breakers on Exchanges
Recent turbulence has brought traditional tools such as circuit breakers to the forefront of crypto community discussions.
‘Halving’ Mentions Spike on Twitter and in Crypto Media
Crypto-social media chatter regarding the halving spiked overnight, after being overshadowed by gold in February and the coronavirus in March.
Traders Buy Oil Futures With Crypto Amid Record Volatility
As oil overtakes Bitcoin for price volatility, FTX has launched oil future contracts pegged to the West Texas Intermediate, plus $100.
HODLpac Shows Crypto Is Becoming a Mainstream Industry - CoinDesk
It’s good the cryptocurrency industry is getting its own political action committee, even if it’s ironic, says our columnist, James Cooper.
Crypto Firms Brace as World Bank Predicts 20% Crash in Global Remittances
The World Bank predicts global remittances will decline by one-fifth this year, offering a poor outlook for cross-border crypto remittance firms.