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Regulated Exchange Launches in US With Crypto-Backed Visa Card Offering - CoinDesk
The new CoinZoom exchange is registered with FinCEN in most U.S. states.
Russia’s Central Bank Seeks to Ban Crypto Issuance and Circulation
After years of uncertainty about cryptocurrency regulation in Russia, the country’s central bank adds more confusion to the matter.
Bakkt Crypto Exchange Boosted By $300M From Microsoft, ICE During Crisis
Crypto Bakkt platform has been bolstered with a $300 million Series B round of funding from the ICE, the parent compnay of the NYSE as well as Microsoft and others
Cryptocurrency Custodian BitGo Expands Crypto Insurance Policy
Cryptocurrency custodian BitGo now offers insurance for the assets it holds in excess of its $100 million coverage limit
Huobi Adds Crypto ‘Circuit Breaker’ After Last Week’s Mass Liquidations - CoinDesk
The new liquidation mechanism would pull the plug on futures trading should prices become too volatile.
How Weibo’s massive privacy breach affects China’s crypto community - Decrypt
For $1.60 worth of ETH or BTC you can reportedly purchase the personal data of 500 million Weibo users breached last week. Here’s how the crypto community is reacting—and more, on Da bing, the weekly Sino-crypto report.
Tim Draper Wants to Invest in the Coming Crypto “Renaissance” in India
Billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper has revealed plans to invest in Indian cryptocurrency startups.
After BitMEX Meltdown, Should Shorting Be Banned on Crypto Exchanges?
Bitcoin’s recent 50% drop and the issues traders experienced at BitMEX have led to a discussion on whether shorting should be banned by crypto exchanges