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Blockchain Startup SpaceChain Sends Wallet Tech to International Space Station
Space-as-a-service-focused blockchain startup SpaceChain has sent its hardware wallet technology to the International Space Station
Cisco Patent Would Secure 5G Networks With a Blockchain - CoinDesk
Cisco sees a way for blockchain to help secure messages transmitted through telecommunications networks, according to a patent.
Former Morgan Stanley Developers Launch Crypto Derivatives Exchange
Eight former core developers from Morgan Stanley announced the launch of the Singapore-based Phemex, a new cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
Microsoft Teams up With Enjin to Offer Crypto Collectible Rewards - CoinDesk
Do good work, earn a “badger.” That’s the idea behind a new incentives scheme launched by Microsoft in partnership with blockchain gaming project Enjin.
France to Test Its Central Bank Digital Currency in Q1 2020: Official
The central bank of France plans to pilot a central bank digital currency for financial institutions by the end of the first quarter of 2020
Canadian Government-Assisted Bitcoin Miner Files for Bankruptcy Owing Millions - CoinDesk
Great North Data, a firm that ran bitcoin mining and AI processing data centers in Canada, has filed for bankruptcy owing millions to creditors including government agencies.
Juventus Soccer Club Releases Blockchain Token for Fan Voting
Italian professional soccer club Juventus has released its own token to enable fans to participate in voting and polling