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Bittrex International Halts Service in Venezuela and 30 More Countries
Bittrex International’s trading platform to shut down in Venezuela and 30 other countries on Oct. 29, Cointelegraph en Español reports
CoinShares, Blockchain Launch Gold Token Network on a Bitcoin Sidechain - CoinDesk
Two years in the making and already backed by some $20 million in digitized gold, CoinShares announced the DGLD token Tuesday.
G20 Finance Leaders: Stablecoins Present Serious Regulatory Risks
G20 nations call upon the International Monetary Fund to examine the macroeconomic implications of global stablecoins
EY Launches Blockchain Tool to Help Bring Accountability to Public Finances - CoinDesk
The accounting giant is using blockchain tech to assist governments in improving transparency and accountability in the management of public funds.
Fidelity Investments Fully Rolls Out Crypto Custody Service, Exec Says
American financial services company Fidelity Investments has fully launched its cryptocurrency custody service
‘Satoshi’ Enters the Oxford English Dictionary - CoinDesk
Satoshi, noun, “The smallest monetary unit in the bitcoin digital payment system, equal to one hundred millionth of a bitcoin,” enters the OED.
Burj Khalifa Developer Emaar to Launch Tradeable Reward Token EMR
Developer of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa will launch its new blockchain token-based referral and loyalty platform in 2019