HyperLinq : Weekly Digital Asset Digest 31

Rohan Raman

The HyperLinq Weekly Digest is the one-stop source for the HyperLinq community to access relevant news involving digital assets, where we essentially outline key industry updates that our members may have missed. We are always open to suggestions and feedback so please do not hesitate to let us know what you think!

Coinbase Now Supports Stellar and Chainlink Cryptocurrencies in New York : Daniel Palmer | CoinDesk

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that New York residents now have access to two cryptocurrencies launched for other jurisdictions months ago.In two tweets late on Wednesday, the exchange said customers based in New York state can now hold, buy, sell, send and receive both Stellar lumens and Chainlink’s LINK token. XLM had previously been launched in most jurisdictions on Coinbase back in March, while LINK followed in June. The high regulatory hurdles set in New York were likely behind the delays in adding support. An API bridging service, Chainlink connects smart contract platforms – like decentralized finance products – to oracles containing real market data and event information. In a CoinDesk video interview on Thursday, the project’s CEO said that offering secure smart contracts pegged to real-world events is the next "leap forward" in boosting corporate adoption of blockchain technology.

This North Syrian School Is a Baby Step Toward a Blockchain Society : Rachel Rose O'Leary | CoinDesk

Rachel-Rose O’Leary is a reporter at CoinDesk covering how cryptocurrencies are being used in areas of economic, social and political unrest. This article is part of her series from Rojava, Syria.

"It’s a first for Rojava and a first for the Middle East."

That’s how 22-year-old programming student Mohamed Abdullah describes the Open Academy – a new school in North Syria, a de-facto autonomous region also known as Rojava. The Open Academy is tackling one of the region’s greatest hurdles: the lack of education for young people as result of the Syrian Civil War. North Syria achieved partial autonomy from Damascus in 2012. Since then, it has pioneered a form of government known as democratic confederalism and led the offensive against ISIS, the militant jihadist group that once held huge portions of Iraq and Syria. As well as studying code, students work through a reading list of world history and cultural theory, and the works of Kurdish ideologue Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned Kurdish leader who inspired the North Syrian revolution. According to officials, these texts enable students analyze the origin of prevailing political and economic theories and help situate the Civil War in a larger history of ideas. "The main purpose of is to solve the problems of society", said Azad Maxmud, one of the teachers at the Open Academy . "The reason they study sociology, history and philosophy is to be aware of the problems and cut them from the root." Ocalan, who has been incarcerated on the Turkish prison island İmralı‎ for the last 20 years, advanced developed democratic confederalism from his prison cell, which is a model for a stateless society that can exist without government oversight. "At the beginning, it was a big effort to inspire women to take their role in the armed struggle. It was difficult culturally." Technology can give women a political voice. "It’s an opportunity to shape society according to their own perspectives", Sterk said. "Women can take part in developing decentralized technologies that are adapted to the needs of society." Many young people in North Syria have been deprived of an education as a result of the war. Now some are too disillusioned to return. As such, the Academy is testing educational methods that are adapted to students who have lived through tyranny and war.

Note : For security reasons, the names of the people quoted in this article have been changed.

New Balance to Use Cardano Blockchain to Confirm Product Authenticity : Joeri Cant | CoinTelegraph

Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson announced that New Balance will be using the Cardano blockchain to help authenticate its products. According to a Sept. 28 article by Crypto Briefing, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of blockchain engineering startup IOHK, announced that American footwear brand New Balance will use the Cardano blockchain to allow its customers to verify the origins of an range of products. Cardano and New Balance are planning to roll out the program globally. However, current plans do not entail using the ADA token during this pilot. A wide range of companies have already started to implement blockchain technology into their supply chains. As Cointelegraph recently reported, Walmart is using blockchain technology to create a food traceability system based on the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric. In August public enterprise blockchain platform VeChain partnered with Australian winemaker Penfolds to release a case of blockchain-encrypted wine bottles for sale, as part of its Wine Traceability Platform initiative.

Crypto Exchange Binance Launches Dedicated Staking Platform : Marie Huillet | CoinTelegraph

Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance has launched a dedicated staking platform, according to a company announcement published on Sept. 26. The new service will enable Binance users to deposit their token holdings and earn staking rewards, but without having to set up their own nodes to fulfill minimum staking amounts and/or time lengths. This offers investors the chance to earn a form of «interest» on their holdings, as long as they are willing to lock up their funds to both maintain — and potentially profit from — a given blockchain network. In its announcement, Binance has revealed plans to update its staking calculation methodology on Oct. 1, in order to establish what it deems to be a more accurate and fair distribution of the rewards. Not all cryptocurrency commentators perceive Binance’s launch of staking services as a positive moment for the industry. As reported, Binance had apparently inadvertently earned staking rewards on its Stellar holdings this summer.

IBM Says It’s Open to Working With Facebook on Libra Crypto : Adrian Zmudzinski | CoinTelegraph

Technology behemoth International Business Machines is open to working with Facebook on its Libra stablecoin, CNBC reported on Sept. IBM’s general manager of blockchain services Jason Kelley said that the company is looking to spur collaboration in the space, noting that "blockchain is a team sport". IBM has created its own blockchain, which the company claims enables greater "transparency around everything from banking to supply chain management". Kelly did not say whether the firm was interested in joining the Libra Association. Nevertheless, he did distance himself from cryptocurrencies, focusing on tokenization instead, which allows digitizing any asset, including fiat currencies or stocks. As Cointelegraph reported earlier today, Facebook has acquired the AI-based chat-bot startup Servicefriend for customer service for Calibra, the digital wallet for Facebook’s planned Libra cryptocurrency.

Tron’s Justin Sun to Reschedule Warren Buffett Lunch ‘Very Soon’ : Marie Huillet | CoinTelegraph

Tron founder and CEO, Justin Sun, says he’ll reschedule his charity lunch with Berkshire Hathaway chairman and billionaire Warren Buffett «very soon.» The CEO announced the news during a live stream on Tuesday, Sept. 24. As reported, Sun had won a charity auction on eBay in June to have lunch with Buffett and his own choice of guests, with a winning bid of $4,567,888 — the highest bid in the event’s 20-year history. Yet just days ahead of the much-anticipated event, the Tron CEO was forced to postpone due to medical reasons. Confirmed guests had included Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee. Ahead of its postponing, Sun had notably even extended an invitation to United States President Donald Trump, following the president’s scathing remarks about cryptocurrencies on social media. Buffett — who has earned the moniker of the "Oracle of Omaha" for his ostensibly astute investment picks — is notorious for his by-now ritual opprobrium toward Bitcoin.

Rohan Raman

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