HyperLinq launches HyperFolio: World’s most secure & private crypto portfolio mobile app

Nanni Narayanan

HyperLinq Inc.
Release Date: 14 July 2019

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HyperLinq launches world’s most secure & private crypto asset management app.

New Jersey, USA: 14 July 2019 - Today HyperLinq launched the HyperFolio mobile app for iOS and Android users. HyperFolio is the world’s most secure, private Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio management app, with support for direct exchange connectivity and wallet tracking.

Decentralization brings its challenges. It’s hard to keep track of your assets scattered across multiple exchanges and blockchain wallets. Many people use excel sheets to track their holdings, but this isn’t sustainable long term. HyperLinq desires to build a simple to use mobile app that gives you one consolidated view into your holdings across multiple wallets. It’s also essential to be able to track the value of your portfolio from a bird’s eye look, so HyperLinq built an app to do all that in real-time with simple one time configurations.

HyperLinq also understands that privacy and security are significant concerns for most people, and so HyperFolio is built with a heavy focus on both. The app is serverless except for the authentication module. When you use the HyperFolio app on your mobile device, except for authentication, the app doesn’t communicate with HyperLinq’s servers, so your information is private, and it stays with you. API keys aren’t stored on HyperLinq’s server at all. All private information is stored locally and encrypted by the operating system on your device.

HyperFolio lets you connect directly to cryptocurrency exchanges using read-only API keys, and allows you to view the account balances of your blockchain wallets conveniently. No manual updates required. As of the writing of this post, HyperFolio offers direct connectivity with Binance and Coinbase Pro. It also syncs in real-time with Bitcoin wallets. Soon HyperLinq will add more exchanges and support for other blockchain wallets like ETH, LTC, XRP and more.

Apart from just tracking your holdings across exchanges and wallets, HyperFolio has ambitious plans to integrate social sentiment analysis - a feature that will allow you to get a general sense of what everyone else is thinking, a hugely important part of managing your decentralized assets. Though this isn’t financial advice, it’s got the potential to help you figure out your next moves, staying one step ahead of the crowd.

HyperLinq also plans on adding a smart news aggregation service, a feature that will bring relevant news from a variety of sources straight to you, keeping you up-to-date and well informed on the happenings of the crypto-market. HyperFolio will also give you market overviews, and HyperLinq is planning to add a mobile push notification system for market alerts.

Currently, the app is free to use. Enjoy the free app while HyperLinq is building it. Once HyperLinq has more exchanges & wallets available, HyperLinq plans to start a very affordable yearly subscription.

Join many others, track your entire portfolio in one place, and get full price and market information. HyperFolio is available to download for iOS and Android starting today.

About HyperLinq Inc.

HyperLinq is a FinTech company founded by people who have over 20 years of combined experience building trading systems and tools.

Nanni Narayanan

A high school student with plans to go to college for English. Nanni writes and edits all sorts of content for HyperLinq.

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