HyperLinq Desktop v0.19.0 + TradingView

HyperLinq v0.19.0 has essential upgrades. One of the long-standing requests we had from our users was to bring TradingView charts. We are happy to announce that we have partnered with TradingView to bring you their world-class charting tools on HyperLinq. Powered by blazing fast & real-time HyperLinq Crypto Data Feed, TradingView charts are your companion to analyze the markets.

Apart from TradingView integration, we also have some under the hood changes for user experience, application performance, and stability.

We also have fixed the issue where if the app goes in the background the connectivity with the exchanges was lost — starting v0.19.0, the app with auto-reconnect when it comes into focus. So even if your computer wakes up after a long sleep and you bring HyperLinq Desktop into focus, we will make sure you get real-time data.

Keep an eye for the next release where will bring you new exchanges. Use the app in beta is free, so go on and try it out. Download the app!

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