HyperLinq Desktop v0.18.0

Today we bring you our latest update for our desktop app. We are still in beta, and we only support market data on a few exchanges. We did some major overhaul related to performance. We wrote the app ground up and changed the way we fetch and make sense of the data.

Building a tool like HyperLinq is very complex and we realized that we had to trash the old code and redo everything to give you security & performance that you need. This update is 20x faster than our private beta release. After this release, we will have quick updates every two weeks if not weekly. You will see a lot of new exchanges and features in the coming weeks.

Chart improvements

We are continuously improving our charting tools. We want to thank our beta users for their feedback. In addition to Candlestick, now we also have OHLC. In the next update we will bring you line & depth charts.

We have added new zoom and pan features on the charts. On a touchpad, you can pinch to zoom and slide left and right to pan. Panning and zooming are very fluid now. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. To use the mouse to pan, click and move left or right.

Indicators which needed their pane have it now, and you can adjust the height of these panes as per your preference. You can add a multiple of same indicators, and all these indicators are configurable.

Bid/ Ask depth panel improvements

We added new ways to filter the depth panel to improve visibility. The default view remains both bids and asks, but if you choose, you can see either bid or ask based on the way you participate in the market.

In the future release, we will add depth chart right in the depth panel and also give you control over decimal precision.

Support for multiple languages

We are building a truly global company, and we want to cater to traders from all across the world. To make our tools accessible to everyone, we decided early on that we will support multiple languages. Although this may seem easy, it is incredibly hard to figure out the context and local usages of trading terms. Simple google translate doesn't cut it!

We have the framework ready to add new languages quickly - all we were waiting for is to have the right people to do it. So if you happen to speak a native language that is not supported on our platform and wants to help us out, please reach out to us.

Currently, we are supporting the following languages -

  • English
  • Chinese

Support for following locales coming soon -

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean

In-app customer support

We at HyperLinq are committed to our customers' happiness. To continuously improve their experiences, now we have in-app support request form. You don't have to leave our app to open a browser to send a support request. We built a company with fanatical customer support, and this is just a start to take it to the next level. We will bring live help into the app very shortly.

In-app release notes

Now you can quickly view what is new in any release without visiting our blog. We believe in continuous improvement and delivery. Towards that, we created background auto-updates. Updates get downloaded in the background without interfering with your work. When you restart, you get the latest version. It was hard to figure out what changed, so we decided to put that information right inside the app. Just click on the What's new? link on the footer.

Apart from these significant changes, we have tons of bug fixes -

  • Performance
  • User experience
  • Indicators & studies

Stay tuned for the next update as we bring you Gemini. We recently announced that we are working with Gemini to bring their market data to our platform. If you have an exchange preference, you can raise a ticket with our support team. Just ask for support from inside the app!

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