HyperLinq Desktop v0.17.1

We are proud to launch our new beta version based on feedback from our private beta users! Thank you to all our users for their feedback over the Holidays!

We've added a new toolbar which will allow you to add and plot technical indicators, trendlines, text boxes, labels, flags and other studies to your charts.

Technical indicators - will allow you to add and plot 9 indicators, including simple and exponential moving averages, MACD, stochastics, RSI. More indicators will be added in the coming releases.

Text boxes - allow you to add free text and notes on your charts

Trendlines - allow you to perform trendline analysis, including support and resistance levels and triangle formations

Crooked lines - allow you to perform wave analysis and mark points of inflection

Measuring tool - allows you to quickly size up the breadth of price movement for a selected time period.

Chart style - allows you to view price history using Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) bar chart, line or candlesticks.

Advanced annotation tools - allows you to add fib retracement, pitchfork and parallel lines to further your analysis of support and resistance levels.

Look out for more technical chart features in the coming weeks!

Note that this is a private beta and has known issues that our engineers are already working on. Your comments and feedback helps us make our platform better. Please continue t0 send any issues you find big and small!

Thank you - from the HyperLinq team

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