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Technical analysis trading strategies are grounded on the crypto market trends. Traders like to plan their strategy and have a market overview of what's going on before placing any orders in the crypto market. To get that overview, the trader will use the technical analysis tools like Gann Fan & Pitchfork.

Gann Fan

Gann fans assist crypto traders to more sensible when it comes to a chaotic, fast-moving crypto market. The good news is that even new traders can learn how to use Gann Fan, it is easy to understand and simple to set up and use. Before we go any further in how traders use Gann Fans, let's know how it came to be. William Gann discovered that if a trend is increasing and the price stays within the area above the climbing angle without breaching it, he concluded that this would indicate that the market is strong. Also, vice versa, if there is a trend that is decreasing and the price stays under the sinking triangle without breaching it, the market price will weaken.

The original idea of Gann angles is that past, present and future price features are all signified within the same angle. The key to William Gann's entire system is a perfect "Gann angle" that drawn across a price trend at forty-five degrees. The Gann Fan, in a sense, is based on a sequence of diagonal trend lines, which are inclined or declined at different angles. To build the Gann Fan, a trader would begin by noticing a trend. Traders will draw a Gann fan at a reversal point to see support and resistance levels protracted into the future.


The technical indicator known as the Pitchfork is not used as much compared to other technical indicators. But, it is an easy way for crypto traders to recognize conceivable levels of support and resistance for a crypto asset's price. The Pitchfork is formed by putting three points at the end of prior trends and then forming a line from the first point that goes through the midpoint of the other two locations. The reason this indicator is called a "pitchfork" becomes clear from the shape that is formed in the chart.

When crypto traders use the Pitchfork properly, they recognize three points that are sequential highs and lows; the first point signifies the start of a trend, upward or downwards. The middle line attaches the first point to the midpoint of the other two lines. Further lines can be added but by a fixed standard deviation from the median, forming parallel trend channels. When all is set, Pitchforks can be used to recognize buying and selling openings at those lines, but in the end, it depends on the strategies the traders have for entry and exit points.

There are several Pitchfork trading strategies that traders can be developed around the Pitchfork trading concept.

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