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Coronavirus situation is getting grim by the day. And it doesn’t seem like ending anytime soon.

As a responsible company, we are asking all our team members to work strictly from home and keep their families at home. This has created other responsibilities that we generally didn’t have. We are doing what’s best for our families which now is taking extra time and effort. This has caused reduced bandwidth for our small team.

I know that most of you love frequent app updates and new features. But it is going to be slow for coming weeks. All the basic trading features are already implemented including OCO. So, there is really no rush.

We are well ahead in our roadmap and our expected formal 2.0 release is still scheduled for 1st May 2020.

We are expecting slower response times for our live chat support. So please use Discord for feature requests, generic questions and discussions. Please refer our roadmap before raising new feature requests. We also have our help portal set up which answers most of the questions.

Bugs can be reported using bug icon from the status bar in the app. We actively review and triage all bugs and fix them based on priority. Sometimes a feature takes precedence over a low priority bug. This doesn’t mean we are ignoring the bug reports. Therefore, please do not report the same bugs again.

Be safe and maintain social distancing. We can weather this storm as one and I request your full support for the team. We are building a beautiful software for you and we will continue doing it.

Happy trading 🙌🏼