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As the year comes to an end, we wish everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year. It is time for us to take a breath and look back to see how we fared.

We started 2019 with the public beta of our native desktop trading terminal - HyperTrader. It was a simple application that allowed connecting to multiple exchanges for charting and two exchanges for trading. Launching it that early was an incredibly difficult choice to make as it opened us up for criticism and also exposed us to our competition. Nevertheless, we just wanted to get some early feedback from trading communities so we could build the app they wanted. We are so glad to have received so many valuable early adopters and the feedback they gave, which drove the development roadmap for the remained of the year.

By mid-2019, we were able to achieve parity with our competition and continue to work diligently to get product-market fit. At this point, we were focusing more towards getting as many exchanges onboard as possible by Q3 of 2019, we had 16 exchanges active on HyperTrader. During this time, we also launched our mobile app in beta for portfolio management. Q4 is when we launched our subscription that includes a free plan. Our Free plan is currently one of the best in the market. Eventually, we will offer even more features in our free tier subscription plan. During this journey, we were fortunate enough to have been selected for the MassChallenge and the StartupChile accelerator programs. MassChallenge gave us immense insight into our business and a fresh perspective towards the market.

By the end of 2019, we were able to integrate BitMEX, which is one of a kind. None of our competition can currently support futures, options, and derivatives. We plan to add ByBit and Deribit in the upcoming months.

So where do we go from here?

We look forward to 2020 with great optimism and excitement. We have been tirelessly working to make the product even better and launch tons of new features. HyperTrader 2.0 is almost ready for a beta release in Jan 2020. During the beta, we will keep adding new features and make HyperTrader the app of choice for all crypto traders.

When we started building HyperTrader back in November 2018, our primary goal to establish the technical viability of a desktop application with blazingly fast aggregation along with the protection of privacy for all our users. Along the way, we made many technical mistakes. As the project grew more significant, it became harder and harder to add advanced features without compromising performance. It was imperative to change the architecture of the app.

So we did just that! We trashed our v1 code and went back to the drawing board. We redesigned the whole architecture ground up. And then, we started coding each feature from scratch again. It is a painful process as we have to rewrite everything. Still, it was an important technology decision to improve the app.

We expect the v2 to be out sometime in January 2020. This new, improved app will be at par in features with v1 when we first release the latest version. The idea is to bring it to parity and then start building upon it. You will also see a brand new UI/ UX. UX is not going to be very different than v1 but will include the feedback from our customers.

Here is a sneak peek into some of the new features which are ready for beta.

Split Charts

Charts can be split into 2, 3, and 4 with different intervals, indicators, and chart layouts. Split charts will be completely free for all users. We continue adding new features in charts, and all of them will be available to everyone irrespective of the pricing plan. We believe charting is the essential feature everyone needs.


In v1, we only created a dark theme which most of our customers love. Our team is 100% dark theme fans, but we realize some of you are not. And there was a growing demand for the light theme as an option.

In v2, we added the Light Theme! And it is easy to switch - click on the sun/ moon icon on the status bar.

Portfolio Manager

A holistic view of your portfolio is paramount to your trading success. With HyperTrader 2.0, you will be able to add multiple portfolios, and each portfolio can have multiple trading accounts from one or more exchanges.

The portfolio manager will be available for beta soon. In the coming months, as we add automated trading features, we will improve it to attach strategies for auto-rebalancing.

Crypto Screener

A crypto screener is absolutely necessary to make proper trading decisions. In pursuit of excellence in providing accurate data, we have built our screener. Now you do not have to leave HyperTrader to see what the BTC dominance or Altcoin Market Cap is and much more.

The screener will be available for beta soon. In the coming months after beta release, we will be adding more data points to it.

Aggregated News

News is an integral part of how traders make money. We strive to make HyperTrader 2.0 a true one-stop-shop for all things crypto. No more hopping from one website to another.

Our news app will be part of the v2.0 beta to be available in Jan 2020. The following are the beautiful interfaces in light and dark themes that serve you the news you need to make better trading decisions.

And more...

Apart from the above, we have more planned for 2020.

  • 19 new technical indicators.
  • Fiat currency support. Currently, we only support USD. In addition to USD, we will support 32 different currencies.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Signals marketplace.
  • Strategy builder and tester.
  • Trade automation.
  • Social trading.
  • Advanced order types including trailing stops, OCOs, Conditional orders, Ladder limit and more.
  • New exchange integration.
  • Reporting features.
  • Social sentiment analysis.
  • Trade supported in the mobile app.
  • Support for DEX.

Apart from this, we are also working to create a partner network of complimentary products and services. We recently partnered with for a 30% discount exclusively for HyperLinq users. We will continue building this network to bring more products and services at a discounted rates for our users.

This is only the beginning, we have much more planned for the future. We are all ears to any feedback and feature requests. We thrive on customer feedback and we respect and hear your opinions. So do not hesitate to drop in a word or two using our live chat on this website or through the app. You can also Tweet us.

A very happy and prosperous new year!